Welcome to the "Life is Short Group"

The Life is Short Group is about getting together monthly and attending an event!

The idea behind the group is that in September I will have "Empty Nest Syndrome" and I decided it was time to do something at least once a month. I know lots of people like me who would love to be asked to go to something at least once a month.We all get set in our ways and need a "Kick"to get out of our comfort zone. Hence you are invited to join this group. The way it will work is as follows: You will get an email telling you what the event is and all you have to do is reply to attend.  There is no money involved in being in this group you pay for the event and transport etc yourself. Some months you might love what it is and some months you may not.Initially the events will be local but we may go to Dublin or Belfast etc if something worthwhile is on. I have not worked out all the details as yet just the initial idea and set up.

The word EVENT is loose in that it could be a play,opera,show,film read a book,exhibition, art show,wine tasting etc . There will only be 1 email , no follow up text or calls so it will be up to you to respond. I also set up Closed Facebook group which you will be invited to join and it will have details also. If you are not on Facebook that is fine all the info will go by email.

If you know anyone else who would love an invite and company each month please share. This is not MY group this is everyones group I will just facilitate it, so all suggestions are totally welcome.

You need to submit your email to get on the mailing list and notifications about the events. Initially the group is Women only but we can review and reconsider if we need too!

First event will be in September 2016!

Have fun

Susan Bourke

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